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Donn’s Solar Boat Products

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Donn’s Boat Shop, Inc. specializes in solar energy solutions to handle every boat’s electrical requirements.  Donn’s solar systems provide the current to power required DC systems and by integrating an inverter into the system, creates all the AC current necessary to power the boat’s electrical system while being charged by the sun via solar panels.

“With the exception of air conditioners, we have boaters that never run the generator to power their refrigerators, ice makers, deep freezers, televisions, microwaves and other small electrical appliances operating them 24/7” said Donn.

Solar provides many other advantages and safety benefits as well.  First, you will never have to be concerned about carbon monoxide building up in your cabin while running your generator.  There’s also the fuel cost savings by not running the generator, and if you moor your boat or don’t have access to shore power, your batteries will constantly be charging, and you can continuously run any appliance that would normally require electricity.

There are several types of collectors depending on the type of boat you own. Flexible panels work best for sailboats and deck mountable ones are great for powerboats.  Solar panels last for 25 years. The average size of a collector is 2’ x 3’.

So is there enough sunny days on Long Island to go solar?  According to Donn, the answer is absolutely!

Donn’s Boat Shop provides services to large commercial projects, (grid tied and stand alone systems), and residential systems such as cabins or commercial buildings.

Donn’ Boat Shop has pre-engineered packages for rental fleets, private boats, solar for marinas.

What separates Donn’s Boat Shop from other solar companies is Donn’s personal experience. He has over 30 years experience in both solar and boats. He has an engineering background, is a master technician, welder (aluminum & steel), coast guard captain and river guide.

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