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Custom House Maritime Museum

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Custom_House_Maritime_MuseumWhether you are a local or a visitor, learning the history of Newburyport can be exciting. The port which connected sailors to the world has come a long way since it first was established.

Visiting Custom House Maritime Museum by boat gives you the opportunity to see and learn about Newburyport. Transient space is available at Newburyport Harbor Marina (978-462-3990).

The Custom House was built in 1835 to make overseas trade and tax collection easier for imported goods. It was also the site for making heels for women’s shoes and was later used to store submarine parts. Operated by the Newburyport Maritime Society, the museum promises to be an education center, research facility, and a community meeting place.

The Moseley Gallery has a collection of model ships, including the Dreadnought. This vessel was built in Newburyport in 1953 and was the fastest cargo and passenger service clipper ship during its time.

Museum visitors will see a very special portrait named St. Paul’s Church and Beyond by artist Richard Burke Jones. His detailed painting of the town of Newburyport around the year of 1860 depicts tall ships in the background, buildings, and horses and carriages on the streets.

The Brown Gallery houses a large collection of shipwrecked items that have been salvaged over the years.

The Custom Collectors Office is another gallery, and it has office equipment and unique artifacts from far destination on display.

The U.S. Coast Guard was first established in Newburyport, and the museum has a whole room dedicated to them called the Coast Guard Room. On display are models of the ships that the Coast Guard has used throughout the years, photography, and historical artwork.

The museum is open year-round. May through December, Tuesday to Saturday, it is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Sunday and Mondays the hours are 12:00 to 4:00 pm. Admission is $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for seniors and students. Kids under the age of six and active military members are free.

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By Melissa McMahon

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