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Critter Questions

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critter questions 1

Have you thought about shaking hands with an octopus and why a penguin looks so clean? Author Wendy Rydell thinks about things like that!

An octopus? I’d rather not meet him

critter questions 2Because I don’t know how to greet him.

You should shake hands to be polite

But with an octopus that could take all night.

Then, of course, I’d never know

When he’d decide not to let go

And give my right hand back to me.

I’d rather skip it. Don’t you agree?


critter questions 3How does a penguin stay so neat

From his shining head to his shining feet?

How does he keep his shirt so white?

It’s always so clean – it’s always so bright.

Doesn’t he ever fall with a thud

Into a big gooey puddle of mud?

Doesn’t he like to slide around

In the dirtiest dirt-pile on the ground?

 Excerpts from A Crocodile Has a Funny Grin by Wendy Rydell.

critter questions 4


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