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Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

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As the weather cools and long boating trips wane, you can still boat to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and immerse yourself in the history that makes Chesapeake Bay as special as it is.

The museum, which was founded in 1965, sits on 18 acres of waterfront in St. Michael’s Navy Point.  It has 35 different buildings and a working boatyard.  It houses the world’s largest collection of Chesapeake Bay boats.

One of the best things about the museum (in my opinion) is that they encourage you to take your boat to the museum! Docking is free for most members of the museum — calling the dockmaster ahead of time is recommended.

The museum has a number of permanent exhibits, including At Play on the Bay, which explores the transition Chesapeake Bay has gone through from a working bay to a bay for leisure.  The Waterfowling exhibit shares how Chesapeake Bay is the site for one of the world’s great bird migrations, giving the Bay a special take on the sport, industry, and art of waterfowling.  The Bay History exhibit dives deep into maritime history, sharing who named the bay “Chesapeake” and how it was used in the Civil War.

The museum also has a number of special exhibits; currently, it’s celebrating its 50th year with A Broad Reach: 50 Years of Collecting.  This exhibit, open through February, 2016, includes many interesting artifacts the museum has been collecting for the past 50 years.

Chesapeake Swan Song is another special exhibit which shares the story of the relationship between the people and swans of Chesapeake Bay. Be sure to check out this fascinating exhibit before it closes in April, 2016.

For more information: visit or call 410-745-2916.

By Hayley Becker

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