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Chatting with a Lighthouse

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chatting with a lighthouse 1

There’s a joke that asks, What did the ocean say to the lighthouse? The answer is, Nothing. It just waved! That made us wonder if a lighthouse might actually have something to say if we did more than just wave. So we emailed questions to the Huntington Lighthouse — and we got answers!

Q. Where do you live?

A. In the middle of the water in Huntington Bay.


Q. How tall are you?

A. I am 48 feet tall and my focal plane (shining light) is 42 feet above sea level.


chatting with a lighthouse 2Q. Do you have a job?

A. Yes! I shine my light at night three seconds on and three seconds off and blow my foghorn in the fog to warn boaters of danger and mark the entrance to two harbors for safe passage. I work 24 hours a day, seven days a week!



Q. What holds you up? Does it get soggy and crumble?

A. It’s a very thick and deep foundation and it is surrounded by riprap (big boulders made of granite). Rain and waves can make me soggy. Sometimes part of my foundation crumbles.


Q. Do you know how to swim?

A. I have never tried. I sit on my own little rocky perch in shallow water. The riprap protects me from falling over.


Q. Do you have a basement?

A. Yes.


Q. You’re a lightHOUSE. Does anyone live in you?

A. Unfortunately no — not anymore. I miss them!


Q.  Do you have friends that come to see you?

A. Yes! I have lots of friends that come see me. Some are my keepers and others are tourists that my keepers bring out to show me off.


chatting with a lighthouse 3Q. May I come visit you?

A. Absolutely! I love company! Look up my tour schedule. I have my own website.


Q. Do you just stand around or do you get to have any fun?

A. I stand around a lot, but I get to have a ton of fun watching the pretty boats go by and wave to me when the weather gets warm! The most fun day is my big fundraising party, “The Lighthouse Musicfest” on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend! That’s also on my website.


Q. Why does a lighthouse need money?

A. Because I was built a long, long time ago, and also because I can never go inside when the weather is bad. So now, I need some serious medical attention to get strong again. Once that happens, the keepers that love and care for me will maintain me so that I will be healthy for years to come.


Q. Where can I find out how to visit you, help you get stronger, and come to your party?

A. My special website is Also, be sure you visit to learn about my big party!

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