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Blue Water, Green Boat: Back to the Bays

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County’s (CCE) Marine Program. The celebration’s focus is on connecting residents and visitors to Long Island’s bays and showing the many ways to enjoy our beautiful marine environment.

back to the bays 2The newly-launched Back to the Bays initiative and the 30 Ways to Give Back to the Bays campaign offer exciting ways to learn about, help, and celebrate our bays through lecture series, stewardship opportunities, youth education programming, fundraising, and awareness events. All welcome the public with opportunities to give back — and get involved — in our efforts to protect, restore and enhance Long Island’s marine environment.

For the past 30 years, CCE’s Marine Program (with the support of Suffolk County and many other collaborators and funding agencies) has been able to work towards increasing the water quality of our bays, improve habitat availability for marine species, enhance and restore stocks of commercially and recreationally important shellfish and finfish, provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to the public, and educate youth on the importance of protecting and preserving the marine ecosystem and maritime traditions.

All staff members make it their mission to maintain Long Island’s maritime heritage by providing assistance to men and women making a living on the water and helping to ensure marine resources are preserved and enhanced for the enjoyment of generations to come. Commitment and desire to help the marine environment and those who rely on it for economic and recreational purposes are the reasons why the Marine Program achieves such significant accomplishments.

back to the bays 4While CCE reaches many families, individuals, and businesses, we are always seeking to further our education-based mission by engaging as many members of the public in our work as possible.  The 30 Ways to Give Back to the Bays campaign celebrates three decades of efforts and accomplishments by inviting children, adults, and families to take part in events and activities such as growing your own shellfish through our SPAT program, volunteering in our coastal plant greenhouse, and helping the Marine Meadows Program restore eelgrass meadows.  Other opportunities to learn and enjoy include a Greenport Village lecture series, Sea Star or Sea Adventurer kids summer camp programs, shellfish hatchery tours, and visits to the learning center at Cedar Beach in Southold.

There are fundraisers planned to celebrate and support our bays, including purchasing marine themed local art at a Hops for Habitat show, dancing the night away at our Summer Concert for the Bays at Greenport Brewing Company, attending our Back to the Bays Benefit, and “Shellabrating” with us this December at Shellabration!

A detailed listing of dates and times is available on our website; we will have something for everyone to enjoy in 2015.   To learn more about CCE’s Marine Program and the Back to the Bays initiative, please contact me at 631-727-7850 ext. 329 or find us on Facebook!

 The author is CCE’s Marine Program Outreach Manager

By Kimberly Barbour

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