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Atlantic City Aquarium

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bdjfejbfNothing says “fun day” quite like visiting the Atlantic City Aquarium and seeing your marine life friends. Make the day even better by going there by boat! Transient slips are available at the historic Gardner’s Basin; call 609-348-2880 for reservations.

The exhibits feature many different species ranging from eels, blowfish, sharks, jellyfish, horseshoe crabs, stingrays and snakes, to piranhas!

Catch a glimpse of all the sea life swimming around in the 25,000 gallon tank. Inside will be all sorts of animals from the waters of New Jersey and other mid-Atlantic areas, like the gagg grouper, gray snapper, Loggerhead sea turtle, cownose rays, and much more.

Did you know about one-third of marine species live a part of their lives on coral reefs? At the aquarium, they have a live coral tank with various marine animals from the Caribbean and even the Indo-Pacific. Corals are very unique as they can hold up to thousands and thousands of species.

If you want to get closer to these animals, there is a tropical shark touch tank and a stingray touch tank! Take advantage of the opportunity to touch many different types of sharks like the epaulette, marbled, or white-spotted bamboo sharks. They are all members of the catshark family and come from the Pacific Ocean. Head over to the stingray touch tank to feel the young cownose stingrays.

Besides the marine life they also have tropical rainforest animals like turtles, rays and iguanas.

Also, the Australian Exhibit features two animals from the outback and the jungles of Australia.

Save the best for last! Visit the piranha tank, which is a small example of what the Amazon River looks like. Did you know there are about 30 species of piranhas found in the Amazon River? Yes, they are one of the most dangerous fish in freshwater.

There is plenty more to see and do! You can take part in the stingray feedings that occur daily at 12:00 and 3:00 pm. If you would rather watch someone else feed the animals, there is a live diver feeding show at 11:00 am on specific dates, and the diver goes into the tank to feed and interact with the marine species. You can even ask the diver questions during the show. At 2:00 pm on specific days they have the exotic animal show which features a six-foot boa, tarantula, and a bearded dragon lizard. You will learn about their habitats, how they defend themselves against predators, and other interesting facts.

If you love the aquarium so much, they have the option to have your birthday party there!

Hours of operation are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Price of admission for adults is $8.00, seniors 62 and up is $6.00, children ages four to 12 is $5.00 and under the age of 3 is free (at time of publication).

Atlantic City Aquarium, 800 North New Hampshire Ave, Atlantic City, New Jersey. For more information call 609-348-2880 or visit acaquarium.com.

By Melissa McMahon


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