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Artist Inspired by the North Fork

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Long Island’s beauty catches the eye of everyone who lives here or visits. Yet it takes an artist such as Danielle Malmet Rodger to draw inspiration from the seasonal beauty of the North Fork and create children’s books and bright watercolor paintings.

north fork 2The first book, called Adventures through North Fork: Autumn, captures colorful fall scenes. The amazing and detailed illustrations by Rodger show the sites of freshly grown vegetables and pumpkin patches. Rodger’s poetry is intriguing — it makes you want to keep reading and share the book with others.

Adventures through North Fork: Summer also has easy reading poetry and lovely illustrations. Rodger writes about how the plants are alive, boats are everywhere, bonfires blaze near the ocean, and fireworks light up the clear sky.

She had a desire to read to her children about the North Fork, but couldn’t find enough to share with them. “It is important for children to have books on this special place, whether they live here, or just come here for a family vacation,” she says. “The North Fork is one of the most beautiful places to live, and my children gave me the courage to put myself and my work out there.”

Rodger finds beauty everywhere, but especially at Dragon Fly Beach in Orient. “It’s a beautiful spot to go with the kids because it’s calm and shallow and there are tons of treasures and creatures to find,” she enthuses. “You can walk all the way out through the reeds and it’s just a stunning and inspiring spot.”

Her third book in the series, Adventures through North Fork: Winter, has just come out; Rodger plans to finish the spring book soon. She also illustrated The Kindness Bracelet, a children’s book written by Lisa Krekeler, with scenes inspired by Shelter Island.

Though her children have read her books plenty of times, Rodger says they still love to look at the paintings to find hidden tractors. Maybe you can help in the search?

Learn more about Danielle Malmet Rodger here: and purchase her books via

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By Melissa McMahon

Peek inside a book and see more paintings

Danielle Malmet Rodger page from book by Danielle Malmet Rodger a page from book by Danielle Malmet Rodger painting by Danielle Malmet Rodger c painting by Danielle Malmet Rodger

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