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All About Accessories

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style august 2014Accessories are like the Jan Brady of fashion — often forgotten and frequently ignored while wardrobe tips focus on lovely clothes and shoes. That’s not the case here! I am shining a big, bright spotlight on jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses, which happen to be my favorite accessories.

Whether it is a tribal-inspired necklace or an over sized cocktail ring, this year is all about being big and bold with your jewelry. Gold has trumped silver this season when it comes to color — it’s everywhere and anywhere you look. If you favor o ne over the other, that’s fine, but don’t be afraid to mix your metals when it comes to jewelry; silver and gold look great together when done right.

style august 2014aaaaRings are one of my favorite accessories — I firmly believe a girl can never have too many.  From simple to the simply insane, you can really get creative with your rings. If you are going to wear rings on multiple fingers (think Phoebe from Friends), keep them simple in style and shape. If piling on the rings isn’t your thing, go for a unique cocktail ring, a multi-finger ring, or a punk-inspired ring.

Bangle bracelets add a cool visual element to an otherwise simple outfit.  Pair a few bangles with a maxi dress for a casual look, or mix and match bangles with thicker bracelets for a bolder look — just be sure that all the bracelets have a similar shape.style august 2014a

Statement necklaces are big this season. They are called “statement” necklaces for a reason, as they are usually worn with few(or no other) accessories that might compete for attention. When choosing a statement necklace, always consider two things: length and size.Long necklaces are great for breaking up a solid top. As the showcase piece of your outfit, falling to just below the chest, these necklaces look effortless, yet create a big impact.  Long necklace chains should be thin and feature a pendant that’s the star of the show. Multi-strand necklaces are great, but don’t go style august 2014aatoo big —you risk looking like Mr. T. Shorter necklaces showcase your décolleté, add a perfect finish to a little black dress, and fill the void of a v-neck. The best visual effects are created by short necklaces falling no longer than your collarbone. Chunky chains, intricate beading, and southwest-inspired themes are all on trend.

When it comes to handbags, there are classic, colorful, and geometric trends. Classic bags, structured and timeless looking, invoke the feeling of vintage elegance.  Black, white, navy, and cream are a strong presence in handbags this year. Designers have used color-blocking to add a little more contrast to an otherwise neutral bag — combos of blacks and whites and browns and blues all make my heart swoon.

While I did not like the subject of geometry much when it came to math class, I absolutely love it for highly structured bags in trapezoid and triangle shapes. Besides trendy shapes, handbag colors are ubiquitous. From gorgeous corals and pinks to floral prints and snakeskin patterns, there’s a bag for every occasion. Pair colorful bags with neutral outfits to add an extra pop to your outfit, or be completely over the top and create an overall color/pattern mixture (either way works, so have fun).

The one accessory I could not go a day without is sunglasses. On a boat, on the beach, driving to work, or walking down the street, sunglasses are your must-have accessory. There are so many colors and shapes to choose — but who says you have to pick just one? I love colored frames in whimsical floral patternsand in your face orange, and nothing screams cool summer chic like white frames.When it comes to shapes, aviator sunglasses are the most flattering. Simple and sleek, these timeless classics are always in style (though I love color, I keep my aviator frames in traditional black and brown).

When it comes to accessories, all of summer’s beautiful colors and patterns make it a breeze to spruce up your wardrobe.  Just remember the wise words of Coco Chanel when it comes to accessorizing: “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off.”style august 2014aaa

By Raven Peterson

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